Video: 'Recirquel Night Circus', Festival Theatre Budapest, 27 December

  • 27 Dec 2017 8:04 AM
Video: 'Recirquel Night Circus', Festival Theatre Budapest, 27 December
Recirquel invites its audience to a remarkable encounter: while the contemporary circus company's history unfolds on the screen before them, viewers will also see the film's protagonists, the acrobats of Recirquel, in real life.

On show will be scenes from the production Night Circus that have been selected for this occasion, along with parts of the film What a Circus! guiding viewers into the world of Recirquel.

The group's string of successes began in the Festival Theatre four years ago with the première of Night Circus. This first meeting spoke to the audience about dreams: the fulfilment of the yearning that humanity had coveted since primeval times, the impulse to master the science of flight. Since then, another dream seems to have come true: after four other productions and so many Hungarian performances, the company headed by Bence Vági has also become a regular fixture on the international cultural scene.

What a Circus! offers a glimpse into the far-from-ordinary life of Hungary's first contemporary circus company. Glória Halász and her team tracked the group's everyday existence for years, capturing on video both the hours of struggle in the rehearsal hall and the outstanding moments of success.

The film, which opened in Hungarian cinemas in 2017 and took more than three years to shoot, shows the young heroes of the air like we've never seen them before. We'll see how these acrobats who amaze audiences are actually just like us in their everyday lives: they have fears, suffer pain and like to dream - of having their own fairytale circus, for example.

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